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E-Scooter Company Working To Detect Drunk Riders

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Don’t drink and …. scoot? People everywhere have noticed the increasingly ubiquitous trend of electric scooter riding. Whether you’re walking as a pedestrian, driving a passenger vehicle, or even riding the city bus, e-scooters are fast becoming a part of our everyday travel ecosystem. Scooters can be rented by the


Recent Crashes Highlight The Dangers of Auto Pedestrian Accidents

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Nashville has seen some very unsettling auto pedestrian accidents in recent months, including a fatal accident involving children. While pedestrian accidents can happen to anyone, children are particularly susceptible because of their small size. Drivers often cannot see small children near or behind their vehicles; and, because they are young,


Uber Launches JUMP E-Scooters In Nashville Among Safety Concerns

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You might have noticed more electric scooters (E-scooters) on the roads lately. This is because ridesharing company Uber has launched its own E-scooters in Nashville and even offered free rides during its debut. Uber joins Lyft, Bird, and Lime, as the companies look to expand their E-scooters into cities across


Nursing Homes and Flu Season

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Most people don’t think much about getting the flu. For healthy individuals, the flu really isn’t a big a deal. While it might not be pleasant, it often doesn’t even warrant a doctor’s visit. For people with compromised immune systems, however, the flu can be life-threatening. People with chronic illnesses,


Types of Premises Liability

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For many people, a mention of the phrase “premises liability” triggers images of slipping on a wet floor in the grocery store; however, premises liability is a legal theory of liability that covers several types of responsibility on the part of a property owner. Many victims injured on another’s property


Holiday Safety Checklist

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The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Whitfield Bryson LLP are extremely excited for the holiday season. Like many other families, we are wrapping presents, preparing special meals, and looking forward to spending time with loved ones. We want everyone to have a wonderful holiday season, so we’ve put together a


Help For Hit And Run Accident Victims

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Car accidents and pedestrian accidents are extremely traumatic. These tragic accidents are sometimes made even more disastrous when some of the parties involved flee the crash scene. Hit and run accidents are extremely dangerous. When someone flees the scene of the accident, they leave injured victims without any help. If


Recent Accidents Remind Drivers To Be Careful Around School Buses

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Every day, millions of parents trust school buses to take their kids to and from school. Sadly, there have been a number of tragic accidents around school buses and bus stops to remind drivers of the very real dangers around school buses and to exercise extra caution.


Why You Should Never Accept A Settlement Offer Before Talking With A Nashville Personal Injury Attorney

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After you’ve been in an accident, you probably are eager to have your life return to normal. This is completely understandable, but it’s also important to not let the desire of returning to normalcy cloud your better judgment. If you have received any type of settlement offer after an accident,


Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents

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We’ve all taken a fall at some point in our lives. Most of these falls have been minor, but for some people, slip and fall accidents can cause serious and permanent injuries. While not all slip and fall accidents are caused by negligence, some of them are, and the parties