2019 Autism Scholarship (CLOSED)

Application Closed

Whitfield Bryson LLP is offering a $1,000 educational scholarship to students diagnosed with Autism. The legal team would like to offer this scholarship to help with the cost of tuition and higher education related expenses. Autism is a disorder that is very close to the hearts of the legal team at Whitfield Bryson LLP. Many of our staff members have loved ones with Autism and we are inspired by their efforts to overcome the hurdles presented. Because of this, we would like to support Autistic students in their educational endeavors.

Autism and Education

Autism, also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD), can refer to a number of different developmental disorders. Autism makes it extremely difficult for individuals to communicate effectively with others and to interact socially. Autism makes it extremely difficult for individuals to pursue a higher education because communication and working with us is crucial to learning.

The symptoms and severity of Autism vary widely from person to person, so someone with Autism or ASD is usually referred to as being on a “spectrum.” While much of the conversation around Autism centers on children, the reality is that Autism is not something individuals grow out of. Individuals with Autism continue to struggle throughout their adult life.

Common activities involved in school, like working with others in groups or taking notes during lectures, can be challenging for individuals with Autism. By offering this scholarship, the attorneys at Whitfield Bryson LLP want to help students with Autism overcome their difficulties and reach their educational goals.


All U.S. citizens diagnosed with Autism are eligible to apply. The scholarship can be applied to education at a university, junior college, or trade school. Applicants are not required to be attending school at the time of application, but are expected to utilize the scholarship within one year from the date it is awarded.

Application Deadline

The application and a personal statement must be submitted to Whitfield Bryson LLP by February 10, 2020. Whitfield Bryson LLP will announce the winner no later than  June 22, 2020.

Application Requirements

In order to be considered for the scholarship, an applicant must complete the following requirements:

  • The online application on our website
  • A personal statement (maximum 150 words) discussing educational goals
  • (optional) A statement of up to 750 words discussing how Autism has affected their education

Whitfield Bryson LLP reserves the right to ask for proof of diagnosis of all applicants.

Our Privacy Policy

The information submitted in these applications becomes the property of Whitfield Bryson LLP. We do not sell your information to anyone, nor do we disseminate it, other than for the purpose of publicizing our firm’s scholarship program or reporting on it.