Tips for Reacclimating to Your Daily Commute

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As more businesses, offices, and schools are reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders, many Americans are anxious to start commuting to work again. Commuting to work may not look the same as it did before the coronavirus. Some workers have been able to work from home throughout quarantine and


Dog Bites: What to Do After a Dog Attack

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It’s true that dogs are man’s best friend, but dogs are still animals that react on instinct. Dog bites are more common than people realize, affecting more than 4.7 million people annually across the country. While common, dog bites can inflict serious injuries that can precipitate severe infection. Because of


How Long Do You Have to Make a Claim After a Car Accident?

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Car accidents come with a plethora of questions regarding next steps, what options are available to you, who will cover the costs, and when you can file a claim for the accident. The first step in beginning to file a claim for your motor vehicle accident is to hire appropriate


Nashville Motorcyclist Dies in Tractor-Trailer Accident

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A Nashville motorcyclist was killed after crashing into a parked tractor-trailer on Briley Pkwy. Unfortunately, as is the case in many motorcycle accidents, the tragic incident could have been prevented if the tractor-trailer driver had taken the time to thoroughly check all vehicle blind spots as well as obey traffic


When Should You Hire a Lawyer After A Car Accident?

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Sadly, Nashville sees its fair share of car accidents. In 2019 alone, at least 34,692 traffic accidents occurred across the city. Car accident victims are often left with a wrecked vehicle, physical injuries, and mental anguish and confusion over what steps to take next, including when to hire a lawyer.


Pickup Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

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A Nashville man has been charged with a traffic misdemeanor after being involved in a fatal accident that killed a motorcyclist. A Nissan pickup truck failed to yield to a motorcyclist at the intersection of Buchanan and 16TH Avenue. The rider was traveling east on Buchanan Street when the truck


Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

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Spring is approaching, which means warmer weather, sunny skies, and the open road for many motorcyclists. While the springtime means many drivers will once again hit the road, it is also a season of firsts for many riders. Whether it’s your first road trip or your fiftieth, it’s important to


Signs and Symptoms of Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

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The phrase traumatic brain injury (TBI) is frightening; and no patient or loved one ever wants to hear it given as a diagnosis. Given the weight this phrase carries, you might assume TBIs are not as common as they are, nor would you be aware TBI cases have increased 53%


Speeding Semi-Truck Overturns and Shuts Down I-24W

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A semi-truck traveling along Interstate 24 West caused major delays for other drivers when it crashed on the Murfreesboro Pike ramp, spilling diesel fuel across the road. Police cited speeding as a factor in the accident that shut down the interstate for clean-up and removal for nearly eight hours. For


Nashville Remembers 32 Pedestrians Killed in 2019

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Nashville residents and transit advocates gathered at the Public Square Observation Tower for a memorial service to honor the 32 local pedestrians who were killed in 2019. Pedestrian deaths increased by 10 in 2019, making it the most dangerous year on record for Nashville pedestrians. Thirty-two pairs of shoes were