Personal Injury Case Results

The attorneys at Whitfield Bryson LLP have been fearlessly fighting for their clients for over twenty years. They have handled many types of cases including personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, discrimination, wage and hour violations, medical malpractice, coal mining accidents, products liability and more.

Amount Case Details
$600M-$1B Settlement for defective drywall used in homes across the nation
$3.5M Jury verdict in favor of homeowners for a developers unfair and deceptive advertising and shoddy construction of subdivision roads
$165M Settlement for the world-wide class action s against Pfizer’s defective heart-valves
$1.7M Jury verdict and judgment on behalf of several landowners against coal companies that made improper royalty payments
$1.2M Settlement for the death of a miner caused by the faulty design of a shuttle car
$42M Co-Counsel for a dozen employees seeking compensation for wage violations against Staples Inc
$1.39M Damage caused by two coal companies to local property owners
$1M Settlement for a family hit head on by a drunk driver
$30M Settlement in a class action for hundreds of homeowners whose homes were built with defectively manufactured concrete
$4.8M Settlement for five coal miners’ families who were killed in coal mine explosion