Construction Accident Leaves Worker A Double Amputee

Construction Accident

2/26/2019 Workplace Accidents John Whitfield

It’s easy to forget how dangerous the construction industry is. Buildings are constantly going up all around us and construction sites are common fixtures in cities all across the country. But the ubiquitous nature of construction zones does not speak to the danger workers face. A devastating reminder of the dangers of construction work occurred last month when an accident caused a construction worker to lose both of his legs.

Construction workers in Long Island were installing a gas main in Roslyn Heights when one of them was knocked in to the hole the crew was working around. The hole was approximately ten feet deep and the worker was knocked in the hole by a large steel plate. Unfortunately the steel plate also fell on the worker’s legs, causing both of them to become severed. This tragic accident occurred only days after the man had begun work with the construction company.

While investigations into the cause of the accident are still ongoing, the accident serves as motivation for construction companies to always follow safe practices. While the construction industry is inherently dangerous, under federal law, all workers are entitled to a reasonably safe workplace. What makes construction work so dangerous is that many companies fail to implement and adhere to proper safety regulations. While accidents do happen, the vast majority of construction accidents can be prevented.

Construction companies are responsible for keeping workers safe. This means providing all necessary safety training, proper safety equipment, and proper signage alerting workers to dangers, such as live wires or hazardous materials. When companies fail to give workers what they need to do their jobs safely, they need to be held accountable.

Construction injuries are usually permanent and disfiguring. Many victims of construction accidents are unable to return work, meaning they suffer lost wages and/or have a reduced earning capacity. While some workers might receive a small amount of funds from workers compensation, it often fails to cover the true cost of an accident or to cause change at the company to prevent further accidents. In some instances, construction accident victims may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover additional compensation.

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