Tennessee Not Keeping Up With Highway Safety Laws

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2/18/2019 Car Accidents John Whitfield

Every day, millions of Tennesseans get behind the wheel of car, hop on a metro bus, or take a rideshare in an Uber or Lyft. We get on the roads so often we forget just how dangerous they can be. According to a new study from various advocacy groups, Tennessee roads aren’t just dangerous, the state isn’t keeping up with highway safety laws across the country.

Over 1,000 people passed away on Tennessee roadways in 2017, and over 10,000 have been killed in the best ten years. Despite these staggering numbers, very little change has occurred to address the problem. Advocacy groups have given Tennessee a poor rating for its limited number of highway laws designed to prevent accidents. Experts agree there are sixteen necessary laws for road safety, but Tennessee only has nine in place. These sixteen crucial roadway safety laws include seatbelt requirements, restrictions for young drivers, and open alcohol container laws, among others.

Some of the crucial highway safety laws Tennessee is missing include seatbelt requirements for passengers in the rear of a vehicle, age requirements for front facing car seats, and strict conditions for young drivers, such as the age for an unrestricted license, restrictions for nighttime driving, and a minimum age of sixteen for learners’ permits.

Driving Responsibly Is The Law

Although Tennessee could use more highway safety laws, the ultimate power to drive responsibly will always rest with the driver. Any dangerous driving behavior like speeding, distracted driving, and drinking while driving can have serious consequences, not just for drivers, but for their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians on the roadways.

Car accidents can cause devastating injuries for victims. Not only can victims face hefty medical bills, but some will also be unable to return to work for during their recovery or may suffer permanent and debilitating injuries. The cost of a Nashville car accident shouldn’t fall to the innocent victims.

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