Eight Tips for Managing Back Pain

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12/23/2019 Personal Injury John Whitfield

Back pain is something many of us will experience in our lifetimes, and it often results from a workplace injury. Though back pain comes in many forms, managing inflammatory pain, particularly after an accident, can be quite daunting. Though a regular amount of back pain can be common, inflammatory back pain can often be quite aggravating and even cause immobility. This type of back pain often requires prescription medication to make the pain more tolerable.

How to Manage Back Pain

While cumbersome, back pain can be managed with medical treatment. Some of the most common ways to manage back pain include:

  • Staying physically active: Back can improve following certain activities. Seeing a physical therapist can ensure the injured worker uses the right exercises and stretches.
  • Learning to lift heavy objects properly: While staying active can be great for back pain, lifting heavy weight can cause more damage. If you must lift something, use techniques recommended by a physical therapist.
  • Using caution while driving: Though driving itself may not worsen your back pain, being involved in a car accident can certainly increase the risk of a serious back injury like a spinal fracture. Avoid driving for long periods of time, avoid sitting in the car for extended periods, and exercise caution on the road to help manage your back pain symptoms.
  • Selecting the right mattress: While sleeping on a good mattress won’t cure back pain, it can help manage the symptoms. A firm mattress is generally recommended for those with back pain, as it can help maintain good posture while sleeping.
  • Adapting workspaces for good posture: Working with back pain can be difficult if you’re sitting for several hours at a time. Test out a standing desk or use a more ergonomic chair to encourage better posture and ease symptoms.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises: Breathing exercises involve repeated deep inhales and exhales to expand the lungs, and also reduce inflammation in the rib joints. If back pain progresses to ankylosing spondylitis, it can affect these joints and breathing exercises should help.
  • Fall proofing your home: Because back pain increases one’s risk of spinal fractures, avoiding falls is absolutely essential. Ensuring a home or workplace is free of any fall risks can help to prevent a back injury from worsening.
  • Considering a raised toilet seat: Having a raised toilet seat in the home can help relieve discomfort when using the bathroom and also reduce the risk of falling.

Options for Those Suffering from Back Pain

If you or someone you know has suffered a back injury due to the fault of another, contact the personal injury attorneys at Whitfield Bryson LLP today for more information on how we can assist you with your claim.