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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

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Motorcycle enthusiasts know that having a well-maintained motorcycle is essential to remaining safe while on the road. Staying on top of motorcycle maintenance keeps the motorcycle running smoothly and extends the life of the bike for years to come. 


Nashville Motorcyclist Dies in Tractor-Trailer Accident

Motorcycle Accidents . John Whitfield

A Nashville motorcyclist was killed after crashing into a parked tractor-trailer on Briley Pkwy. Unfortunately, as is the case in many motorcycle accidents, the tragic incident could have been prevented if the tractor-trailer driver had taken the time to thoroughly check all vehicle blind spots as well as obey traffic


Pickup Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

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A Nashville man has been charged with a traffic misdemeanor after being involved in a fatal accident that killed a motorcyclist. A Nissan pickup truck failed to yield to a motorcyclist at the intersection of Buchanan and 16TH Avenue. The rider was traveling east on Buchanan Street when the truck


Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

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Spring is approaching, which means warmer weather, sunny skies, and the open road for many motorcyclists. While the springtime means many drivers will once again hit the road, it is also a season of firsts for many riders. Whether it’s your first road trip or your fiftieth, it’s important to


Nashville Remembers 32 Pedestrians Killed in 2019

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Nashville residents and transit advocates gathered at the Public Square Observation Tower for a memorial service to honor the 32 local pedestrians who were killed in 2019. Pedestrian deaths increased by 10 in 2019, making it the most dangerous year on record for Nashville pedestrians. Thirty-two pairs of shoes were


Motorcyclist Dies After Being Hit by Drunk Driver

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By nature of vehicle design, motorcyclists are more vulnerable than drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs while on the road. As a result, defenseless drivers often suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries when involved in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcyclist is 28 times more likely


Injuries From Motorcycle Wrecks

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When an accident occurs on the road, it is easy to assume those involved will be okay due to the protection vehicles can provide via airbags and other sophisticated safety features. Unfortunately, however, motorcycle riders don’t have the same protections from roadway dangers as vehicle drivers. Understanding how and why


Motorcycle Road Hazards To Look Out For

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Motorcyclists must be on constant lookout for potential motorcycle road hazards. Dangers that would have little to no effect for motorists or truckers can be potentially fatal for a motorcycle rider. Seemingly minor road hazards, such as oil spills and potholes, can potentially kill a motorcyclist. It is important bikers


Motorcycle Passenger Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

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Riding as a passenger on a motorcycle can be dangerous, as the passenger may not know the operator’s driving habits. While most motorcyclists are responsible and careful drivers, in the event of an accident, motorcycle passengers are often the ones injured. And in a case involving passenger injuries, the motorcycle accident is


Recent Motorcycle Crash Highlights Dangers of Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

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Recently, a 22-year-old riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle collided with a passenger vehicle. The car was attempting to make a left turn out of a gas station, and it turned into the path of the bike traveling down the street. The cyclist hit the rear end of the sedan, causing