Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

9/25/2020 Motorcycle Accidents John Whitfield

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that having a well-maintained motorcycle is essential to remaining safe while on the road. Staying on top of motorcycle maintenance keeps the motorcycle running smoothly and extends the life of the bike for years to come. 

Top Five Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

  1. Take care of the motorcycle’s chain – Keeping the motorcycle’s chain tightened, cleaned, and well lubricated will extend its life. First, lubricate the chain well on a regular basis about every two weeks with an appropriate lubricant made for motorcycle chains. Use the lubricant carefully on the lower part of the chain on the inside near the tire. Take care to avoid getting any lubricant on the tire as it can cause the tire to lose traction on the road. To keep the chain cleaned and tightened, either head to a trusted motorcycle mechanic or have a mechanic demonstrate how you can clean and tighten the chain at home.  
  2. Regular oil changes will save trips to the mechanic – All good bikers should learn how to perform an oil change themselves as part of regular motorcycle maintenance. Regularly check the oil level, typically when filling up the gas tank, and if low on oil or the oil looks dirty, it may be time to perform an oil change. A low oil level is detrimental to the motorcycle’s engine and an oil change should not be delayed. Learning how to do a proper motorcycle oil change on your own may be difficult but it will be worth it in the long run. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s motorcycle maintenance manual to find the appropriate type and amount of oil to put into the bike, as well as how often to perform a full oil change.  
  3. Check and change the light bulbs regularly – Changing the motorcycle’s light bulbs should be easy when using the motorcycle’s maintenance manual. The type and size of light bulbs should be listed. It usually only takes loosening a few screws to be able to change the headlight. Be careful when handling the light bulb and try to not touch its glass to avoid oil spots. Having bright lights will help keep motorcyclists safe while on the road.  
  4. Keep an eye on the battery – If a battery fails, check a few things before fully replacing it. First, with the engine off, check whether the battery terminals are dirty or a bit loose. Tighten or clean them as needed, according to the motorcycle maintenance manual. If the battery requires replacing, check the manual for what type of battery will be compatible with the bike. If changing the battery is a bit too complex, head to a trusted mechanic for guidance.  
  5. Use appropriate, high quality tools when working on the motorcycle – having a specific set of tools used just for motorcycle maintenance will make working on the bike much easier and faster. Also, having a sturdy motorcycle stand to hold the bike while working on it will help prevent the motorcycle from falling over while it is being worked on.  

Following these motorcycle maintenance tips will increase the lifespan of your motorcycle, as well as keep it running smoothly on a daily basis. 

Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Sadly, Nashville is no stranger to fatal motorcycle accidents. Even with a well-maintained bike, other drivers can be reckless and cause motorcycle accidents. To help create safer roads for motorcycles, motor vehicle drivers should follow all traffic laws and yield to vulnerable riders on the road. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a Nashville motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Whitfield Bryson today to discuss your case with compassionate lawyers who understand firsthand the dangers motorcyclists face.