Motorcycle Passenger Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

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9/3/2019 Motorcycle Accidents John Whitfield

Riding as a passenger on a motorcycle can be dangerous, as the passenger may not know the operator’s driving habits. While most motorcyclists are responsible and careful drivers, in the event of an accident, motorcycle passengers are often the ones injured. And in a case involving passenger injuries, the motorcycle accident is rarely the passenger’s fault; therefore, passenger injury cases are easier to prove and to win.

Riding on the back of a bike is a common practice. As a motorcycle passenger, you have less control over what happens and no control over the bike itself. This puts passengers in a vulnerable position. Because of this, motorcycle passengers deserve the utmost protection when it comes to seeking compensation for their injuries.

Responsible Parties in a Motorcycle Passenger Accident

When someone is injured as a passenger in a motorcycle accident, they may be able to maintain a claim against several parties, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the accident. In accidents involving more than one vehicle, a passenger can pursue a personal injury claim against the drivers of any other cars involved in the crash.

In addition to suing the owners and drivers of other vehicles involved in a motorcycle car accident, a motorcycle passenger can also bring a claim against the operator of the motorcycle on which he or she is riding. While this may sound unusual, accident claims against friends and family members are not uncommon when the victim was hurt while riding in a car or on the back of a motorcycle. Accident victims should not be discouraged from pursuing a claim for compensation regardless of the at-fault party, as the driver’s insurance carrier will likely pay for the damages.

If you are injured while a motorcycle passenger, you could potentially recover financial damages from:

  • the motorcycle operator
  • the owner and/or operator of other car/truck/motorcycle involved
  • the motorcycle or parts manufacturer if something was defective

Have You Been Injured in a Nashville Motorcycle Accident?

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