Motorcycle Road Hazards To Look Out For

Motorcycle Road Hazards

10/7/2019 Motorcycle Accidents John Whitfield

Motorcyclists must be on constant lookout for potential motorcycle road hazards. Dangers that would have little to no effect for motorists or truckers can be potentially fatal for a motorcycle rider. Seemingly minor road hazards, such as oil spills and potholes, can potentially kill a motorcyclist. It is important bikers know what hazards to look out for and how to handle them.

Common Motorcycle Road Hazards

Bikers are in danger of many more motorcycle road hazards than those driving or riding in other types of motor vehicles. Some possible hazards motorcyclists should look out for include:

  • Animals: Live animals that run into the road are difficult to anticipate, and both hitting them and swerving to avoid them can cause serious motorcycle accident injuries and even death.
  • Debris in the road: Objects in the road, such as tire treads, trash, or rocks, are more hazardous to motorcycles than cars because the object can hit and harm the rider.
  • Joints: Expansion joints connect two sections of a road together, or a section of a road to a bridge. The uneven surface can become slick in wet weather. Similarly, open bridge joints hold sections of a bridge together. Some are very wide and thus difficult for motorcyclists to navigate.
  • Loose gravel: Loose gravel can cause a motorcycle to lose traction and knock a biker off balance. It can also fly up from the ground at high speed and injure unprotected areas of the rider’s body.
  • Railroad crossing: Railway crossings can cause motorcycle tires to get stuck on the tracks.
  • Rough roads: When roads are rough due to construction activity or wear and tear –including potholes or other maintenance issues that need to be repaired – the resulting conditions may cause more motorcycle accidents to occur.
  • Slippery when wet: Ice, snow, and standing water can lead to a slippery road. Riding through standing water can cause a motorcycle to hydroplane. Slippery items like wet leaves are also often on the roadway.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

When determining liability in a motorcycle accident, one must consider factors such as the type of hazard, why it was present, the rider’s actions, and the actions of any other drivers involved. The motorcycle road hazards lawyers of Whitfield Bryson LLP regularly deal with the complexities of motorcycle crash cases. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.