WB Attends Mass Torts Made Perfect

mass torts made perfect

4/22/2016 News John Whitfield

Mass Torts Made Perfect is a bi-annual conference designed for attorneys working in plaintiff mass torts, personal injury litigation, and securities and toxic torts. The event covers every form of mass tort topic from prescription drugs, defective products, investment fraud, consumer fraud, and business litigation.

This past week, John Whitfield and Dan Bryson joined hundreds of other plaintiff attorneys from around the country to learn the latest strategies in personal injury litigation and pharmaceutical litigation. With the growing scope of corporate misconduct – such as pharmaceutical companies routinely selling drugs without disclosing the potential horrible side effects – both John and Dan feel it is essential for likeminded attorneys to share and learn with each other how to continually achieve justice for their clients.

As a leader in the Nashville area in personal injury litigation, the attorneys at Whitfield Bryson LLP know the community relies on them when they are injured due to a negligent party. Continuing education events like Mass Torts Made Perfect help make Whitfield Bryson LLP the best personal injury attorneys for their clients.